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The Shelter


What started as a small enclosure with a handful of dogs quickly grew
into a full-scale shelter which currently holds around 70 dogs.

We have two locations: one large dog enclosure based in an olive
grove for the medium and large dogs. The big dog enclosure is a
sunny, dusty, chaotic place which is filled with love! The dogs live in
theshade of the olive trees and dig holes for themselves in the red
Turkish earth. Walk up to the gates, and you are greeted with a whole
pack of excited dogs jumping up at the fence and lots of loud barking!

Our second location is the puppy pad: a small facility on a farm in a
local village which holds our youngest puppies and small dogs. This
provides the puppies with a safe place to grow up until they are big
enough to move to the large dog enclosure.

The dogs live in groups of 3-10. All are looked after by Lisanne every
day, with the help of our employee Gokhan. All are microchipped,
vaccinated and spayed/neutered before they travel.

Because Lisanne spends time with the dogs every day, she gets to know the dogs well and we are able to provide detailed information about the dogs’ characters. This helps us to find homes that are a good fit for the dogs.

The large dog enclosure is situated next to a primary school, which means it is possible for the dogs to have some interaction with children.

We also have a colony of stray cats living outside of the shelter. Sometimes we try to rehome some of these cats as well.

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