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Mia was found as a tiny puppy, abandoned, terrified and shivering in a metal cage in a local shelter. We teamed up with two other animal rescuers to get her out of the shelter and to a home in Germany. Mia came to us as a foster dog, and stayed with us until she was ready to travel. Now she has a happy life with a wonderful family, who make sure she feels safe and loved each and every single day she even has her own instagram account! You can follow her via @schwarzweisshund 

Lori was found one the streets as a baby of only a few weeks old, the only survivor of her litter. The lady who found her was able to find a lactating mother dog willing to accept her, so she grew up with her foster family. However, after a while the mother dog started rejecting her and her rescuer asked whether we could take her. Lori grew up in the shelter and then found a wonderful home in Switzerland and gets to travel everywhere in Europe with her adopters! Her new name is Mila and she has her own instagram page:

Lexi was aquired by a local farmer as a guard dog along with her sister Cara when they were only 3 months old. The farmer kept them in a small, dark cage so they would turn aggressive. The cage was never cleaned and they were only fed stale bread. Thankfully, we managed to convince the farmer to give hem to us instead and Lexi and Cara grew up in the shelter. Both found a home in The Netherlands. Lexi gets to join her adopters in their camper van on trips all over Europe!

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