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The Melez story

When Lisanne moved to Turkey in 2016, she knew she wanted to do something to help the street dogs. She started out by going to the outskirts of the city to feed the large packs of strays there. It broke her heart to see how many beautiful, sweet, social dogs were living as strays. Looking at all those gorgeous, unique faces, it was heartbreaking to think that a dog like that would find a home in a blink of an eye if they had been born in a dog-loving country. These dogs were just as deserving as dogs in Europe, or in Canada, but they were just unlucky enough to have been born in the wrong country. Often, dogs would chase her car as she left, begging to be taken off the streets and into a home. She always left thinking: these dogs are gorgeous, they would find a home so easily if they were in Europe.. So she decided to do something about it!

To really tackle Turkey’s street dog problem will require a long-term large-scale TNR project. But through Melez Dog Rescue, at least a lucky few will have their luck turned around and get to live the lives that every dog deserves to live.

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