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Our mission is to rescue abandoned and unwanted dogs from the streets of Turkey and get them into the safe, loving homes they deserve.

‘Melez’ means ‘mixed’ in Turkish, and is used to refer to mutts.

Melez Dog Rescue celebrates the unique mixed breed dogs of Turkey. The streets of Turkey are filled with beautiful dogs, and yet most people here are only interested in pedigree breeds. They are unable to see the beauty in mixed breed dogs.

To us, mutts are even more special than pedigree breed dogs. They are uniquely beautiful, and often have the sweetest temperament. Our dogs are all rescued from the streets, government shelters, or have been abandoned by previous owners. By adopting one of our dogs you are saving a life, and you are also gaining a beautiful canine family member that is completely unique.

We want to spread the love for Turkish mutts, celebrate their unique beauty, and encourage as many as people as possible to adopt a ‘melez’ dog!

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