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Fostering a dog

Fostering saves lives!

Dogs are much more likely to find a home once they are in a foster home. Many people want to meet a dog before they adopt, so dogs in the shelter in Turkey are much less likely to find a home. By fostering a dog you will make it possible for them to leave the shelter and find their forever home! 

What does fostering entail?

As a dog's foster parent, you will be their temporary owner. The dog will stay in your home and be a part of your daily life. You will receive a welcome package with the basic necessities you will need to look after the dog. Other than this, the dog's daily needs such as food and treats are the responsibility of the foster home. If anything happens to the dog and they require veterinary care, Melez Dog Rescue will cover these costs.

The dogs travel to The Netherlands and Belgium via plane with a flight volunteer. If you are able to pick the dog up from the airport, that would be great, but if not we can arrange a flight volunteer. 

For many dogs this will be their first time in a home. Most of our dogs adapt very quickly to their new lives and routines, but you must be willing to give them potty training and basic house training if necessary.

We give the dogs a week to acclimatise and settle in. After a week, we will send you a form to fill in to give us all the information about the dog we need. Using the information you give us, we will start advertising the dog so that they can find their forever home. Finding the perfect home for the dog is a team effort. We will discuss adoption candidates with you and value your imput to assess what kind of home would be the best fit for the dog. 

Once we have found a suitable candidate, they will be invited to come to your home to visit the dog. If this visit goes well and the candidates decide to adopt, we will carry out further checks to make sure they are suitable. Once the adoption is finalised, the adopters will come to your home to collect the dog.

You can expect the foster dog to be with you for a few weeks, although sometimes it can take longer to find a forever home.

If you would like to help save a life, please contact us via email!

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