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Donating Dog Items

To help keep out costs down, we are always in need of donations of items that can be used in the shelter. We go through lots of food bowls, blankets, dog beds and toys in the shelter, and always need more of these. Collars, harnesses and leashes are also much needed to make sure the dogs have all the gear they need to travel to their new homes! 

Most importantly, we are always looking for travel crates. The dogs fly to their new homes in IATA-approved travel crates, and brand-new travel crates are extremely expensive in Turkey. Being able to receive second-hand travel crates is a huge help to keep our costs down and make sure we can use as much as our funds on other rescue activities!

Do you have dog items or crates you want to donate, or would you like to help us to find and collect free dog items for the shelter? Please send us an email and one of our donation coordintators Elien or Selma will get in touch.

Thank you!

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