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Sex: Female / Age: 1 year / Size: Medium (approx 17 kg)

🐾 Affectionate, social, adventurous

💥Energy level: high

🐈 Can be cat-tested

🐕 Good with other dogs

👶 Can be tested with children

👽 Good with new people

❄ What makes Chiara special: Her beautiful black and white coat

Meet Chiara, a little bundle of joy with a heart as boundless as her energy! Chiara has a vibrant personality and a playful demeanor, and is ready to bring endless smiles and laughter into your home. Chiara thrives on activity and is always up for fun and adventure. Despite her compact size, Chiara has all the energy of a proper Pointer, making her the perfect companion for people with an active lifestyle.

Unfortunately we don't know anything about little Chiara's past.. She was found all alone as a tiny puppy in a field in the middle of nowhere by animal lovers who happened to be driving by.. If they hadn't crossed paths with her, who knows what would have happened to her.. She was far away from anywhere where she could have found shelter, food or water. Knowing that she wouldn't survive if they left her behind, the people who found her took her with them and asked us to take her in.

Chiara absolutely adores people. She has an affectionate nature and craves human attention and companionship. She will look up at you with her big beady eyes and try to jump onto your lap to ask for cuddles. This little charmer is very clingy, but all she needs is someone who can make her feel safe and loved. She doesn't like being left behind in the kennels, and will probably take some time to learn to be able to stay home alone.

Chiara gets along well with the other dogs in the shelter, and would be suited to living with other dogs or as the only dog in the home. Walking on the lead is something she is currently learning. As she is very energetic, Chiara will need plenty of opportunity to play and run every day. She loves going on walks and exploring new places. She also really enjoys playing with water and may be a swimmer. 

Chiara is an intelligent dog who is very focused on people and is eager to please. We expect that she will be easy to train, and think she would enjoy different training courses and learning new commands and skills.

If you're ready for a dog who'll fill your days with laughter, love, and a touch of adventure, consider adopting Chiara!


Chiara is currently in Turkey and is available for adoption in the UK and the EU.


Our dogs arrive in their homes microchipped, up to date on their Rabies and Mixed vaccinations, spayed/neutered, dewormed and deflead and tested for Heartworm, Ehrlichia, Leishmania and Anaplasma. The dogs visit the vets for a final health check before they travel. If needed, their teeth are cleaned and X-Rays are taken of any potential areas of concern. Any concerns or potential health issues we are aware of will be communicated with you beforehand.

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