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Sex: Female / Age: 1 years / Size: Medium

🐾 Happy, playful, affectionate

💥Energy level: high

🐈 Good with cats

🐕 Friendly towards other dogs

👶 Can be tested with children

👽Good with new people

❄ What makes Harlow special: Harlow has a small scar on one of her eyelids, which is a lasting reminder of the difficulties she faced on the streets.

Poor Harlow was only a few months old and had no way of knowing how to survive on the streets by herself. She was found crying, stuck by the side of the motorway, with cars speeding past on one side, and a fence with barbed wire on the other. Whilst desperately trying to find a way out through the fence, she had managed to get her face caught in the wire and had a horrible wound around her eye. Luckily, she was spotted by an animal lover who called me to ask for help. This little girl is so trusting that when she saw me, a complete stranger, climbing over the fence and walking up to her, she didn't try to run away, but happily let herself be scooped up and taken to safety.

Harlow is a happy, sweet, affectionate girl. She absolutely adores people and loves getting cuddles! She is very friendly with new people. Harlow is good with other dogs and enjoys playing with them. She is good with cats.

Harlow is an energetic girl who is full of life! She has a happy personality. Mischievous and playful, she wants to be involved in everything that happens in the shelter. She will need a home where she can run and play multiple times a day.

Harlow can be nervous in new situations. She walks well on the leash, but is easily spooked. She would be happiest in a calm environment, without too many intimidating sounds and triggers and will need patience and guidance from her family to help her become more confident.

By providing Harlow with a safe, loving, stable home, you will truly be transforming her life and enabling her to build her self confidence, so she never has to feel scared or nervous again!

The dogs arrive in their homes microchipped, up to date on their Rabies and Mixed vaccinations, spayed/neutered, dewormed and deflead and tested for Heartworm, Ehrlichia, Leishmania and Anaplasma. The dogs visit the vets for a final health check before they travel. If needed, their teeth are cleaned and X-Rays are taken of any potential areas of concern. Any concerns or potential health issues we are aware of will be communicated with you beforehand.

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