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Sex: Female / Age: 1 year / Size: Small

🐾 Sweet, affectionate, energetic

💥Energy level: medium-high

🐈 Can be cat-tested

🐕 Good with dogs she knows

👶 Can be tested with children

👽 Good with new people

❄ What makes Zeppie special: Zeppie is a very unique dog! She has a Flatcoat Retriever type coat with beautiful wavy fur, and a Dachshund body type!

Little Zeppie was found all alone by the side of a busy road. She was far away from the nearest houses, and we have no idea how she ended up in such a dangerous, isolated place, but she was smart enough to make her way to a local workplace to ask for help. An animal loving employee spotted her and immediately called us. We have no idea what Zeppie's life was like before she ended up by the side of the road, or how long she had been living on the streets, but we knew she wouldn't be able to survive for long, so she came back to the enclosure with us.

Zeppie is a sweet, energetic little girl who is always cheerful. She adores people and is very loyal and loving.

Humans are Zeppie's absolute favourite thing in the world. She loves people! She is extremely affectionate and loves getting cuddles. She is very friendly towards strangers and likes meeting new people.

New large dogs can sometimes make Zeppie a bit nervous, and she is a bit shy around them. She is very friendly when meeting new small dogs. After calm introductions, she is friendly with all other dogs and enjoys playing with them. She gets along well with all the dogs she shares her living space with at the moment.

Zeppie is great on the lead and is confident and easy-going when out for walks. She is very energetic and excited when out for walks, and desperately wants to meet everyone and smell all the new smells! She would love an active life with adopters who will take her along to new places and on new adventures.

Zeppie is a lovely little dog who has lots of love to give. She will be a very loyal member of her new family and bring lots of joy to her home!

Our dogs arrive in their homes microchipped, up to date on their Rabies and Mixed vaccinations, spayed/neutered, dewormed and deflead and tested for Heartworm, Ehrlichia, Leishmania and Anaplasma. The dogs visit the vets for a final health check before they travel. If needed, their teeth are cleaned and X-Rays are taken of any potential areas of concern. Any concerns or potential health issues we are aware of will be communicated with you beforehand.

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