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Sex: Female / Age: Approx. 11 months (as at May 2024) / Size: Small (approx 5 kg)

🐾 Energetic, sweet, goofy
💥Energy level: high

🐈 Can be tested with cats

🐕 Good with other dogs

👶 Can be tested with children

👽 Good with new people

❄ What makes Sisi special: Her almost identical sister Mimi (her other sister, Deedee, is short-haired) 

Sisi was rescued last summer, when she was just a tiny puppy, along with her mother Frita and sisters Deedee and Mimi. They were kept on her owner's balcony/roof, tied up to make sure they wouldn't try to jump to freedom, and fed only stale bread. A concerned neighbour took a video of their desparate state and sent out a plight for help. A local rescue group coordinated with  the authorities to free them and we agreed to take them in. Frita has been adopted and is happily living in the Netherlands, and now it is her babies' turn to find a home!

Sisi is a lively bundle of energy with boundless enthusiasm! She is the happiest dog in our puppy pad and is always in a good mood. She adores everything and everyone! Because of her excitement she hardly sits still. At the moment she lives in a confined space with lots of other dogs and stimuli, and we expect that she will learn to become calmer once she is in a stable home, with a consistent routine and plenty of opportunity to go for walks.

Sisi loves people and prefers to be picked up and held as much as possible. She is good with unfamiliar people. She is a very social dog who gets along with all other dogs. She spends the whole day playing with the other dogs! 

Sisi grew up in the shelter and is therefore not very confident in the outside world. She can walk on a leash but it makes her nervous. Sisi needs supportive owners who can encourage her to grow more confident. We think it would help Sisi if she lives with another dog who can show her the ropes, but she would also be happy as the only dog.

Sisi is a very sweet, social and happy little dog. She would be so happy to find a home where she can unleash her boundless enthusiasm and cuddle endlessly with her own owners.

Mimi is currently in Turkey, and is ready to travel to the EU / the UK.

Our dogs arrive in their homes microchipped, up to date on their Rabies and Mixed vaccinations, spayed/neutered, dewormed and deflead and tested for Heartworm, Ehrlichia, Leishmania and Anaplasma. The dogs visit the vets for a final health check before they travel. If needed, their teeth are cleaned and X-Rays are taken of any potential areas of concern. Any concerns or potential health issues we are aware of will be communicated with you beforehand.

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