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Sex: Female / Age: 2 / Size: Small

🐾 Energetic, affectionate, playful
💥Energy level: high

🐈 Not good with cats

🐕 Good with other dogs

👶 Can be tested with children

👽 Good with new people

❄ What makes Jaynie special: Jaynie is great at playing fetch and retrieving toys!

Jaynie came into our care in early 2024. 

This little girl was found on the streets with an injured paw. The rescuer who found her brought her straight to the vets for treatment. It turned out that she had three broken bones in her foot. It is possible that a car drove over her foot as she was sleeping on the street/pavement.. Luckily the break wasn't severe and she made a full recovery.

Her rescuer tried to find a home for Jaynie, but no-one wanted her.. Not wanting her to have to return to the streets, they asked us to take her in.

For some dogs, life in the Melez enclosure is a happy experience, but for Jaynie, it is very stressful. She is completely overwhelmed by the constant noise and hustle and bustle in the shelter. 

Inside her kennel, Jaynie is hyper and nervous. She barks a lot and runs up and down the fence.

Outside of her kennel, Jaynie is a completely different dog. She is cheerful and excitedly walks around on the lead, eager to explore new places. Although she occassionally plays with her kennelmates when in her kennel, she generally keeps to herself and finds the amount of other dogs around her stressful. Outside of the enclosure, she is more social.

Whether in her kennel or out, Jaynie adores people and wants as much attention as possible! She loves jumping onto your lap and using her new high vantage point to look around. She excitedly greets strangers and loves interacting with everyone who visits the enclosure. She looks towards people for support and reassurance when she feels nervous.

Jaynie is very playful and she loves nothing more than playing with toys. Although she has never been trained to do so, she loves playing fetch and if you throw a toy, she will happily bring it back to you!

This sweet girl wants to leave the shelter so badly, and would be so happy to finally have a proper home!

Could you offer Jaynie the loving home she so desperately wants?

Jaynie is currently in Turkey and is ready to travel to the EU/the UK


The dogs arrive in their homes microchipped, up to date on their Rabies and Mixed vaccinations, spayed/neutered, dewormed and deflead and tested for Heartworm, Ehrlichia, Leishmania and Anaplasma. The dogs visit the vets for a final health check before they travel. If needed, their teeth are cleaned and X-Rays are taken of any potential areas of concern. Any concerns or potential health issues we are aware of will be communicated with you beforehand.

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