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Sponsor our dogs


Can you help me find my forever home?


Can you help us get well enough to travel?

The aim of our shelter is to find forever homes for all of our dogs.

Can you help us with a regular donation?

Why we need your help

Every week we find more puppies in need of our help on the streets of Turkey.
We are a growing shelter but we can only help a fixed number of dogs at any one time.

Every time a dog finds his or her forever home, we can rescue another who needs our.  

Some dogs need love and support for longer before they are ready to go to their forever homes, and some wait a long time.
We rely on donations and sponsorships to feed the dogs, pay vet bills and to contribute to relocation costs.
Your support makes an enormous difference to the lives of our dogs.

How sponsorship works

There are two options! You can choose between sponsoring one of our adoption-ready dogs or sponsoring our shelter. 

Adoption-Ready Dog Sponsorship (Rehoming)

Choosing one of our dogs ready for adoption means that you can help with the food costs and vet bills for that dog until he or she has found their forever home.

Quite often, the adoption process itself costs a lot of money. Your money will also help to pay for the travel costs to enable your dog reach their forever home.

In return you will receive regular updates from your dog.

Once your dog has been re-homed, you will be emailed with a final update and offered the option to choose another dog to sponsor, if you don't have time to choose, we will choose one for you! 




Shelter Sponsorship

Don't want to pick just one dog to sponsor?

We take in new puppies off the street all the time. Sometimes they are in a very bad condition and require intensive care with vet support and medication but it doesn't stop there.

Even when the puppies are well, getting them adoption ready and safe to travel takes a long time.

The sheer number of dogs we take in means we can't put them all online for sponsorship, but you can still help!

You could help cover the costs of medications, vaccinations, food and more by sponsoring the shelter.

Your money will go towards helping with the daily running costs of the shelter and help us to re-home more dogs. 

We will send you regular updates from the shelter in return, including photos, videos and personalised messages from Lisanne.

Of course, you can also choose to sponsor a particular dog alongside regular shelter donations! Just let us know and we can send you updates for the dog of your choice.


Since our sponsorship page is still new, we haven't uploaded all of the dogs in the shelter onto the sponsorship page. If you see a dog on the 'available for adoption' page that you would like to sponsor, please fill out the form at the bottom of our sponsorship page to let us know and we will set you up!



What sponsors receive

Once you have chosen your dog, you will receive a personal update from your dog once a month.

All of the updates will come from Lisanne herself who spends every day with the dogs.

You will receive a personalised message from your dog, photos and videos as well as information from Lisanne on how your money has helped over the course of that month.


Can you help?


Can you help me find my forever home?


Can you help us get well enough to travel?

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